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Full Course menu



  • Carpaccio

    Carpaccio of beef loin l Truffle sauce l Parmesan cheese l Pine nuts l Rocket

  • Salmon

    Raw Norwegian salmon pickled with candied lemon l Greek yoghurt l Sweet and sour carrot, zucchini and radish

  • Goat cheese *

    Gratinated goat cheese l Granny Smith apple l Walnuts l Honey-mustard dressing

    * Vegetarian
  • Salade Val-dieu *

    Soft abbey cheese from the oven l Mesclun salad l Various nuts l Honey-mustard dressing

    * Vegetarian
  • Pomodori soup – Vegan

    Tomato soup l Italian herbs

  • Mustard soup *

    Creamy mustard soup l Fried pieces of bacon

    Can be ordered vegetarian

    * Vegetarian
  • Vegetable soup *

    Carrot l Leek l Parsley l Vermicelli l Meat balls

    Can be ordered vegan

    * Vegetarian




  • La Trappe Isid’or goat cheese *

    Trappist cheese terrine l Grilled eggplant, zucchini and paprika l Crispy, sweet and sour and compote of red onion l Green herb oil

    * Vegetarian
  • Braised cheek

    Braised pork cheek l Crispy potato l Cream of beetroot l Salad of red cabbage

  • Prawns

    Peeled prawns l Garlic oil l Spring onion l Red pepper

Main Course

Main Course

  • Small soles

    Two small soles pan-fried in butter l Remoulade sauce l Lemon

    On your request, we would gladly fillet your small soles.

  • Salmon fillet

    Crispy-skin salmon fillet l Green asparagus l Cream of garden peas l Beurre blanc l Green herb oil

  • Ravioli *

    Ravioli filled with spinach l Ricotta l Black olive tapenade

    * Vegetarian
  • F.W. Beyond Burger – Vegan *

    ‘Pretzel’ l Sweet onion l Tomato salsa l Rocket l Steakhouse fries l Vegan mayonnaise

    * Vegetarian
  • Trio of pork

    Pork tenderloin medallions l Pork belly l Braised cheek l Sauce of port wine

  • Schnitzel

    Breaded pork fillet l Roasted lemon l Served with a sauce of your choice

  • Duo of duck

    Combination of roasted breast and duck leg l Cream of carrot l Sauce of orange

  • Satay

    Chicken fillet l Peanut sauce l Crispy onions l Cassava l Atjar



  • Schrobbelèr – The well-known herb liqueur of Tilburg

    Panna cotta of pear, lemon and yoghurt l Served as a terrine l Yoghurt ice cream l Meringue l Schrobbelèr

  • Dame blanche

    White chocolate orb l Vanilla ice cream l Cookie crumble l Warm chocolate sauce l Whip cream

  • Cheesecake

    Home-made cheesecake with vanilla and lemon l Red fruit l Forest fruit-yoghurt ice cream

  • Coffee or tea complete

    Various home-made sweets l Served with coffee or tea of your choice